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Hello Visitor,


Are you sorted and ready for this summer's fishing? It's definitely time to prep your boat, kayak and rock shoes if you haven't done so already.


We're on the water filming right now, finally! We've been geared up and ready to go so many times over the last couple of months, trying to film some awesome winter fishing, but the weather constantly turned on us.


Now, it feels like summer has landed, so make the most of it and stay safe on the water!

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Watch Milan and Nathan prepare for take-off, heading for a new season of fishing adventures.


Grab your chance to WIN a Shimano Skutes rod/reel combo, a tailormade Hills Hat, a Baltic lifejacket and two of Nathan’s homemade Skutes! Watch the video and find out how.


Entertain me!
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After delays, more waiting and lots of impatient questions going "is the new season on yet?", we can now announce a loud and clear: YEAH but NAH!


YEAH: we're back on 7mate Saturday 4.30pm with a whole new season in AU!
but NAH: you'll still have to wait until 16th December 2017 (but YEAH, it's so worth it!)

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SKUTES - Midway between a Scale and a Feather


This is Nathan's first ever homemade Skute. His very first attempt, ever, to tie some tinsel and feather onto a jig head, thinking it might be a good idea.

Lots of Skute designs and fooled snappers later, Skutes have turned out to be a VERY good idea!


What makes Skutes so effective? Why did Nathan end up in the shed with lots of bling and feathers? 


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