Milan and Lubin are chasing kings at the reef until the weather sends them home. Later, Lubin wades the flats for tailing snapper.

Milan and Lubin head to Motiti Island where they stay overnight on the 701 Offshore, so they can start the fishing super early with a full tank of fresh live baits.

Ads the day breaks, Milan and Lubin are both railed by big beasts that wrestle in the surface to get to the stickbait. Soon after, lots of swirls, splashes and follows but the actually hook up rate goes down and turns into one major tease.

Before Milan and Lubin knows of it, the weather turns and they have to bail home. Lubin spends the rainy time to make some piper flies, and as soon as the weather clears, he head off on a landbased hunt for snapper with his fly fishing rod.

Wading into unknown territory, Lubin finds the snapper tanning their red backs in the surface while schools of piper squirt away from the predators. Game’s on, and he ends with a snapper of his dreams.


Livebait combo
Shimano 20000 Stella reel on Shimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle PE10 rod 7’9″.
Spooled with PE10 Varivas braid, 170lb trace.

Large stickbait combo
Shimano 18,000 Stella reel on Shimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle PE8 rod 8’8”.
Spooled with PE10 Varivas braid, 140lb varivas mono shock leader.

Sluggo combo
Shimano Sustain 5000 reels on Shimano Dialuna 7’10” rod.
Spooled with PE2 Varivas braid, 25lb fluorocarbon leader.

Light stickbait combo
Shimano 5000 Stella reel on Shimano Colt Sniper S900M rod.
Spooled with Varivas PE30, Varivas 40lbs leader.

Flyfishing combo
Lamson Liquid reel on AirFlo Nemisis 6wt fly rod
Floating fly line with 10kg tippet and homemade piper fly