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Hello Visitor,

If you haven't noticed, we're back on TV3 every Sunday at 5pm. Four episodes of the new season have already been on TV, but there's still plenty of big angry fish to come!


To our patient friends across the ditch: we are still working on getting Season 4 on air in Australia. As soon as we have any news, we’ll let you know.


Congratulations to our winner! Greg is the lucky owner of two Big Angry Fish & Baltic lifejackets -remember: Get It On or It's No Good!!


How To Use a Drift Chute

Without our big drift chute, we wouldn't have caught half the fish. Learn how to use the drift chute for some super efficient fishing.


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The Techno Viking Trilogy

Read all about the entire build of our Extreme Boats' 750 Game King - from Dream to Reality

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The Techno Viking Wish List

Building the hell Extreme fishing machine for the filming of Big Angry Fish takes lots of thought and planning. First step is the Wish List.


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Techno Viking Taking Shape

All the plans for our Extreme Fishing Machine are gradually turning into reality on the workshop floor at Extreme Boats.


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Techno Viking and her Techo Toys

How can it take all day to drill a few holes (in the right place)? Nathan lives at MasterTech Marine while installing all the techo toys.


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WIN a Fishing Trip with Big Angry Fish

This is your chance to come along for a day’s fishing with us, -but you have to earn it: Make the best one minute video that shows why you always wear your lifejacket.


Based of humour, creativity and that important safety message – Get It On, we will select the top three videos produced, and Maritime New Zealand will make the final call on who is going fishing with us. 

Head to Maritime NZ website for more info …and make sure to always wear your lifejacket!