Merry Xmas from Big Angry Fish

  140904-BAF255x35 Newsletter n°46 - November 2019  

Hello Visitor,

Another year rolls over just as the preparation of Big Angry Fish season 4 has begun. We now have an incredible group of people working on creating the best fishing show on the planet for all of you to enjoy.

The continued support from the great companies involved, and with all the comments coming back from you about how much you enjoy watching the TV series, it all makes us push harder to create an even better product every time.


So thank you from all of us here at Big Angry Fish. We appreciate all your support, and we are looking forward to making a season 4 worth waiting for.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday,
Team Big Angry Fish


[video] Solo Marlin and Rigging with Bonze

Watch three videos about Bonze, the man behind Bonze Lures used by an increasing number of captains, mates and anglers all around the globe.


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The Mighty Murray Cod

It was Milan’s third day of casting without even a take, when a dinosaur suddenly ripped him out of his casting trance.


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The Trick to Lasting Batteries

Flat batteries can make a painful end to the best day on the water. Learn how to avoid perfectly good batteries suddenly dying on you.


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Palau Islands - The Place Time Forgot

The fishing along the Northern Reef of Palau is very cool, and very hard... Targeting GTs and snapper species in vivid colours.


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[video] Black Marlin by Accident

It's taken us a while to get the few video clips sorted BUT here it is: the grander hooked on 24kg standup tackle...


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