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  140904-BAF255x35 Newsletter n°37 - January 2020  

Hello Visitor,

We have just completed filming this season's kayak episode, the first of our one hour episodes on TV3. We are very excited about this and will be looking forward to hear your feedback!
Watch it Sunday 5pm on the 5th October.

  • Nathan Fly Fishing for Snapper
  • WIN a Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill
  • One hour Episodes on TV3
  • New Website:
  • Season 2 & 3 DVDs in the Making
  • Latest Website Articles

Nathan Fly Fishing for Snapper

If you ask Nathan, fly fishing is The Way to hook up trophy snapper in the shallows. In this article, you can read about his journey to get there and see all the photos from his latest fly fishing adventures.


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Win a Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill

WIN the must-have for the BBQ season: The Ziegler & Brown Twin Grill. Powerful, compact, cool looking, die-cast aluminium and with an award-winning big brother.

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One Hour Episodes on TV3

Season 3 is still rolling on TV3 Sundays 5.30pm but from the 5th October we will be showing one hour episodes. We’re very excited about this and will be looking forward to hear your feedback!
Remember to tune in 5pm from 5th October on TV3.
Australia, you’re still on stand-by for the next round of Big Angry Fish. Plans are that we’re back on OneHD from 3rd November 2014.



New Website:

Presenting our new mobile-friendly website:
Have a look around to find hands-on information about fishing techniques, product reviews and big angry fish.

As a new thing, we are now introducing commentary, competitions and exclusive content for our dedicated followers who sign up on the website, all for free.



Season 2 & 3 DVDs in the Making

After loads of people asking, we have now given in: Season 2 and 3 DVDs are in the making, and should be available to purchase from our online shop from mid November 2014.


Latest Website Articles


Visiting Dolphins

See all the photos from when a pod of free-jumping dolphins put off a show, as seen from a kayak!


Fishing the Flats

If you want to target kingfish, snapper or trevally up in the shallows, here’s Milan’s tips on how to get started.


FlyGuy's Beginners Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing

It must be the hardest way to catch a fish?! Yes, but it’s also the best challenge, the most visual and just so much fun.