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The TV Fishing Show Big Angry Fish

We are all about teaching you the knowledge and techniques to head out on the water and catch trophy fish in the shallows of harbours and coastlines, right at your back door step.

The idea of creating a TV show was born on a cold winter's morning, 3 miles off New Zealand North Cape, where Milan Radonich and Nikolaj Mathiesen (FlyGuy) had set out to find some massive fish hiding in the waters of the remote North.

Within the first morning of a planned multi-day trip, they caught all they could ever dream of: massive snapper and trevally with several fish over 20lbs and huge kingfish, just one after the other. The place was on fire!

That's when they decided to put Big Angry Fish on film. They started up the motor, put the boat back on the trailer and spent the following 9 hours driving home talking about their new business plan.

The dream has become a reality and Big Angry Fish, produced by Gillplate Productions Ltd, is now on air in New Zealand, Australia and 40 countries in Europe.
We're proud of our achievement, and super happy to see you join us!

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