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The "Alive Rig" allows you to fish you bait down the entire length of the water column, not just sending it plummeting to the ocean floor.  Read More
“It must be the hardest way to catch a fish?!” Yes, but it’s also the best challenge, the most visual and just so much fun. Read More
If you want to target kingfish, snapper or trevally up in the shallows, here’s Milan’s tips on how to get started. Read More
The FG knot is suitable when stickbaiting, softbaiting, even marlin fishing -just any situation when tying braid to leader.  Read More
Milan has spent hours on finding the best way to live-bait for kingfish. Read about his styles and techniques used over the last 5 years. Read More
The improved clinch knot for mono is the choice when connecting mono to pretty much anything! Stickbaits, jigs or straight to your hook. Read More
Nathan walks you through how to tie the uni knot and the importance of testing your fishing knots to get max performance out of your gear.  Read More
Milan is going shallow water fishing with the new approach: big bait - big fish. Read More
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A simple but crucial tool when rigging up to live bait for kingfish: the release clip.  Read More
The Red Plate Pilchards last a lot longer on the hook and the fish love to eat them.  Read More
We are very excited to try the new Ziegler&Brown Grill. Powerful, die-cast aluminium and an award-winning big brother. Bring on summer BBQs!  Read More
All the latest technology crammed into a fishing reel claiming 30kgs of drag. The Daiwa Saltiga Space Bulldog is here.  Read More
Daiwa Saltiga 6500 reel paired with Daiwa Monster Mesh Max 832 rod. The true Big Angry Fish set up! Read More
Straylining for snapper? If you ask Milan, the best combo is the Daiwa Sealine SL30SBH boat reel on Daiwa VIP 870-BW 7'0" rod. Read More
Heading offshore into the wild blue, fighting deep water monsters on the Daiwa Tanacom 1000 electric fishing reel. Read More
This rod & reel combo does pretty much all the bait catching before a big day targeting kings or snapper. Read More
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Hunting around in the shallows looking for fish to cast to is by far the most challenging form of fishing that i've ever done!  Read More
It doesn't matter how many times I see them. Each & every time dolphins show up, the day spent on the water is just that little bit better. Read More
Hayden's expectations were to drop a line over the side, putting the feet up and chilling out... Did we have some news for him. Read More
Fact is that it’s legal to fish for sharks. Hopefully we can change how anglers do catch and handle the sharks. Read More
My heart started pounding, my hands started to shake, and my voice went into a higher register. "Milan, I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm hit!”. Read More
Christian and Emily Patterson wanted to catch a kingfish so we set a big berley trail, and soon the action took off! Read More
On this trip, we had to impress Mark, an experienced charter boat skipper; and Anita wanted nothing less but a giant kingfish! Read More
Bills thrashing the surface, screaming reels and fish leaping out of the water heading for the horizon. Nathan is looking forward to summer! Read More
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At White Island, Milan and Nathan experience some line ripping huge trevally and with the new electric reel, the hapukas are in trouble. Read More
Nathan has invented a secret snapper weapon and is keen to put it to the test on a sunrise fish in the middle of the Hauraki Gulf. Read More
Milan and Nathan find an uncharted rock, and within no time, the full drag is engaged...  Read More
The day brings hectic stickbaiting sessions, surface feeding kingfish and double hookups until Milan spots an enormous shark.  Read More
Milan and Nathan sets off to explore new fishing grounds around the Mercury Islands. A great straylining session for snapper makes the trip. Read More
Milan and Nathan versus the temperamental springtime kingfish at Mayor Island. Read More
Milan and Nathan take WRC rally driver Hayden Paddon for his first-ever fishing trip. Both the fish and Hayden are up for a lesson.  Read More
Milan and Nathan are having a go at saltwater fly fishing. They explore the mangroves with FlyGuy for a chance to sight cast to big snapper. Read More
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The TV Fishing Show Big Angry Fish

We are all about teaching you the knowledge and techniques to head out on the water and catch trophy fish in shallow water, right at your back door step.

The idea of creating a TV show was born a cold morning, 3 miles off New Zealand North Cape in the middle of winter. Milan Radonich and Nikolaj Mathiesen (FlyGuy) had set out to fish the shallow waters, trying to find some massive fish hiding in the winterless north.

Within the first morning, they caught all they could ever dream of: massive snapper and trevally with several fish over 20lbs, huge kingfish one after another, the place was just on fire! That's when they decided to put big angry fish on film. They started up the motor, put the boat back on the trailer and spent the following 9 hours driving home talking about their new business plan.

The dream is now reality and Big Angry Fish, produced by Gillplate Productions Ltd, is on air Sundays 5.30pm on TV3. Enjoy.

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