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Season 3
Nathan has spent hours on testing knots, rigs and gear to perfect the set up to avoid the feared kingfish bust off. Read how to do it. Read More
Is "catching kingfish in water so shallow I don’t get my shorts wet" on your wish list? Read on as Milan walks you through a game plan. Read More
Watch the videos about Bonze, the Kiwi legend behind Bonze Lures: Solo Marlin Fishing and How to Rig for Marlin Fishing. Read More
Flat batteries can make a painful end to a nice day on the water. Learn how to avoid perfectly good batteries suddenly dying on you. Read More
I see it in the fly anglers’ eyes. It’s nerve wrecking, it’s an adrenalin rush; you get to battle something as strong as or stronger than yourself.  Read More
Dipping a fly into the mayhem of 10-20 monster kingfish crashing into the boat to get the noisy popper is a moment of fear and joy.  Read More
The "Alive Rig" allows you to fish you bait down the entire length of the water column, not just sending it plummeting to the ocean floor.  Read More
“It must be the hardest way to catch a fish?!” Yes, but it’s also the best challenge, the most visual and just so much fun. Read More
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As we planned to custom-fit two massive chilly bins in our new boat, we wanted to find the best chilly bins you can get! Read More
The Sea Vision underwater lights brings the night fishing to an entire new level. Read More
Our Extreme Boat 540 centre console, Apple Core, has just been put through the big birthday process, and a few upgrades were made along the way. Read More
Check it out! The Daiwa Sol is back from the dead! Read More
Meet our new Big Angry Fish Mazda BT50 here, or visit the bea-ute at John Andrew Mazda showroom in Auckland. Read More
A simple but crucial tool when rigging up to live bait for kingfish: the release clip.  Read More
The Red Plate Pilchards last a lot longer on the hook and the fish love to eat them.  Read More
All the latest technology crammed into a fishing reel claiming 30kgs of drag. The Daiwa Saltiga Space Bulldog is here.  Read More
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Big Angry Fish interviewed Bonze in an attempt to lure some tricks on how to get that marlin. Read More
Team Nato is on Fire! pulling a record size kingfish from the depths, while the defeated Team Hawky Ding-Dong watch the action in disbelief. Read More
In one day, we were greeted by orcas, a whale (but which species??) and a pod of dolphins, the photos say it all! Read More
When big catfish are involved, every rumour has to be checked out, no matter how unusual they sound. Read More
Cool, Calm & Collected. Young Callum is in control of reeling in the bronzie...  Read More
With two professional fishing guides on board, Daniel had all support needed -and a massive black marlin at the other end of the line... Read More
It was Milan’s third day of casting without even a take, when a dinosaur suddenly ripped him out of his casting trance. Read More
My fellow angler looked in the water: Look, a dolphin! Our guide corrected him and told us that it was a 200lbs tarpon! Read More
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After spotting some huge kingfish feeding on a school of big mullet in a small estuary, Milan and Nathan hatch a cunning plan. Read More
At Cavelli Islands, a new way of snapper fishing turns out to be amazing, even though some of the fish win the battle big time.  Read More
Milan and Nathan pick up their new kayaks and head off to try out the stealthy kayak approach on some Coromandel snapper and kingfish. Read More
At White Island, Milan and Nathan experience some line ripping huge trevally and with the new electric reel, the hapukas are in trouble. Read More
Nathan has invented a secret snapper weapon and is keen to put it to the test on a sunrise fish in the middle of the Hauraki Gulf. Read More
Milan and Nathan find an uncharted rock, and within no time, the full drag is engaged...  Read More
The day brings hectic stickbaiting sessions, surface feeding kingfish and double hookups until Milan spots an enormous shark.  Read More
Milan and Nathan sets off to explore new fishing grounds around the Mercury Islands. A great straylining session for snapper makes the trip. Read More
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The TV Fishing Show Big Angry Fish

We are all about teaching you the knowledge and techniques to head out on the water and catch trophy fish in shallow water, right at your back door step.

The idea of creating a TV show was born a cold morning, 3 miles off New Zealand North Cape in the middle of winter. Milan Radonich and Nikolaj Mathiesen (FlyGuy) had set out to fish the shallow waters, trying to find some massive fish hiding in the winterless north.

Within the first morning, they caught all they could ever dream of: massive snapper and trevally with several fish over 20lbs, huge kingfish one after another, the place was just on fire! That's when they decided to put big angry fish on film. They started up the motor, put the boat back on the trailer and spent the following 9 hours driving home talking about their new business plan.

The dream is now reality and Big Angry Fish, produced by Gillplate Productions Ltd, is on air Sundays 5.30pm on TV3. Enjoy.

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Season 3 Repeats on TV3 Sunday 1.30pm from 8th March 2015 TV3 New Zealand logo white