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S8E10 Powered Kayak Fishing

Milan and Lubin are out testing their new kayaks, and both kingfish and snapper come in for a play.

Milan and Lubin gear up for an early kayak fishing session off the Coromandel West coast. Milan’s kayak has been pimped up with a Bixpy electric motor, which enables him to keep the hands on the rod and not having to paddle to control the kayak movements -and a bit of assist speed once the arms are weary.

After hook ups and bust offs, Lubin gets a fish powered free ride by a big one.

Later, Lubin is off on his own adventure with the Bixpy, chasing snapper on the skutes.



Milan's strayline combo
Shimano TranX 300 bait caster reel on Shimano #Kaos overhead 10-15kg rod.
Spooled with PE3 Varivas braid, 40lb Varivas fluorocarbon leader .

Livebait combo
Shimano 20000 Stella reel on Shimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle PE10 rod 7'9".
Spooled with PE10 Varivas braid, 170lb trace.

Skute/Sluggo combo
Shimano Sustain 5000 reels on Shimano Dialuna 7'10" rod.
Spooled with PE2 Varivas braid, 25lb fluorocarbon leader.

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Holden Colorado from Nicholson United Autos in Morrinsville

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#1 Gavin Murphy 2019-12-21 17:06
Hey guys what did you put on the rutter of the kayak for propulsion. Thx

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