Hi VisitorThanks for a great year with fantastic feedback on our seasons on TV3 (NZ) and One HD (AU). We really appreciate the comments, so keep them coming!To bring you through the silly season, we send you some good reads, the very first how-to video from our new Big Angry Fish TV and all our best wishes for some big angry summer fish! 

Getting Back into the Shallows

Milan is going knee deep: “Fish big baits in shallow water this Christmas and you won’t be disappointed!”

The Birth of Big Angry Fish

Nathan was training hard in his gym to achieve the Mr New Zealand status, when a longhaired guy with glasses, funky shorts and socks pulled up to his knees shows up

Big Angry Fish TV on YouTube

Nathan walks you through how to tie the uni knot and the importance of testing your fishing knots to get max performance out of your fishing gear.

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