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Season 8

Big Angry Fish Season 8 is broadcasted on THREE (NZ) from June to October 2019 and on 7mate (AU) from October 2019.

S8E5 Savoy Fishing

Milan and Lubin are fishing off the luxurious mothership Savoy in hunt for anything big and angry. 

S8E4 North Island wide Bite Time

Milan and Nathan are going to Milan’s favourite kingfish spot in Tauranga Harbour, while Lubin is chasing some big angry trout in the river.

S8E3 Kawhia Marker Pole

After the biggest defeat in Big Angry Fish history, Milan is back to complete his unfinished business with the Kawhia heavyweight fighters.

S8E2 The Twin Harbours

After a cruisy time in the calm of the harbour catching snapper, Milan ends in an explosive battle with a feisty king.

S8E1 Coromandel Camping

Milan and Nathan are chasing the springtime snapper run, hoping to find the leaders of the pack.

TV3 Sunday 5pm 00 TV3W2 - 7mate Saturday 4.30pm 00 7mateW2