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S7E9 Harbour Kings

Nathan invites Milan out fishing and things almost goes to plan as big fish are hooked, but not always landed.

Nathan invites Milan up North with the promise of big fish for everyone. Turns out that you shouldn’t believe anything that you are being told, but the boys still have a good time out on the water. Big fish are certainly hooked, but they are not necessarily landed. 


Always have your lifejacket on, remeber: nobody's faster than disater. Inshore or offshore we always wear our Baltic lifejackets as they are super comfy.

Launching our Tristram is made easy with the Enduro trailer. No shortcuts or weak points can be fuond on these trailers build by perfectionists, and coupled with a Balex Automatic Boat Loader, life is just complete!

Simrad makes sure that we're fishing where the fish are and that we always have a 100% clear image of what is underneith us.
Our Spotters sunglasses are our above water eye enhancers: in rain or shine, they provide protection and spot the fish for us.



Skute combo
Shimano Sustain 5000 reels on Shimano Dialuna 7'10" rod.
Spooled with PE2 Varivas braid, 25lb fluorocarbon leader.

Nathan's strayline combo
Shimano TranX 300 bait caster reel on Shimano Carbolite 7' 6-10kg rod.
Spooled with PE3 Varivas braid, 40lb Varivas fluorocarbon leader .
BKK heavy circle hook in 8 or 10/0.





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