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S7E8 Fly Fishing

The fish are out feeding in the shallows and Nathan and Lubin are fooling them with their fly rods.

Lubin has come over from Australia to do a saltwater fly fishing trip with Nathan. Nathan is not a master of this game, but he has prepared really well and the weather Gods are smiling down on the boys as the search the flats for kingfish and snapper.



Our Tristram 600 is the perfect harbour and inshore fishing machine. She is 100% silent through the water and is just built for shallow water fishing.
Our BT50 powerhouse from John Andrew Mazda work hard all year round, but never lets us down.
The mind-blowing MinnKota gets us close to the shy snapper and the powerful batteries from Endurant powers the Minnkota all day long.
Scott Meridian fly rods and Hatch reels with Airflo fly lines is the pinnacle of saltwater fly fishing gear.
Simm’s clothing provide protection from the sun and comfort and style while fly fishing.
We always wear our lifejackets when fishing and we all carry PLB distress beacons that float and work even in water. We also carry our fully charged cell phones in drybags. Safety never ruined a day out on the water for us.



Fly fishing combos
Hatch 7plus Finatic reel on Scott Meridian 9' 9 line rod





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