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S7E7 Snapper on Micro Lures

Milan and Nathan are trying out micro-lure fishing for snapper in the mangroves, and the fish are keen to play.

Milan and Nathan are adopting a very Australian way of fishing in the mangroves. Micro lures are mostly designed for bream fishing in Aussie, but the boys reckon these lures might just work on our own snapper here in New Zealand. It’s smiles on deck as the snapper smash the lures one after the other.



Our Tristram 600 Big Angry Fish inshore powered by the mighty 150hp Mercury Verado takes us in style to our fishing spots. Once at the spot, our Minnkota does the hard work for the day and when powered by Endurant batteries, there is no time-limit on the days fishing.

When fishing the new micro lures from Nomad we down scale our gear down to Shimano Shadow X Ultra Light.
Simm’s clothing provides the protection from the sun, and sunnie’s from Spotters help us see the fish from a distance.
No matter how shallow we fish or how good the weather is, we have safety as our main priority. Communications gear is important if you get into trouble. Using your VHF marine radio to call a Mayday or setting off a distress beacon will mean you can be found quickly.



Nathan’s combo
Shimano Nasci C3000 reel on Shimano Shadow X ultra light, 8' 2-6kg rod.

Milan’s combo
Shimano Stradic 2500 reel on Shimano Shadow X ultra light, 8' 2-6kg rod

Nomad Design Tackle Lures
STYX minnow
58mm Riptide





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