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S7E6 Kayak Fishing

Nathan and Lubin are on the hunt for big fish from the kayaks. It’s the keen angler’s game and the big snapper are there to play.

Nathan and Lubin are set for a couple of days of camping and kayak fishing. It’s back to nature all the way through, and Nathan has is all planned out. At least he thinks so.

After a few initial adjusting of the original plan, Nathan and Lubin are paddling out to a shallow reef in search of the big snapper.

Lubin gets a head start but Nathan slowly but steadily shows how to master the art of nailing big snapper out of a kayak. He definitely knows how to hook them, but sometimes the snapper get it their way.




Viking Kayak is the choice of the serious kayak angler. The kayaks are setup to perfection and can be modified in seconds to the style of fishing you are doing.

All Skutes are sent hurling down wind on Shimano Sustain 5000 reels and Dialuna 7'10" rods. Reels are spooled with PE2 Varivas braid, FG knot joins 25lb fluorocarbon leader and a 6 to 8 turn uni knot attaches the pointy bity end, and all gear is readily available at Top Catch.

When in a kayak or any other small water craft always, take your VHF and PLB distress beacon and make sure that they can both float and operate in the water.

Manic Tackle’s Simms clothing provides dryness, breathability and comfort all day long and in all weather conditions.




Skute combo
Shimano Sustain 5000 reels on Shimano Dialuna 7'10" rod.
Spooled with PE2 Varivas braid, 25lb fluorocarbon leader.





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