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S7E12 Cape York

Lubin is fly fishing the flats in far North Queensland and the fishing is incredible. Danger lurks and one guide gets the fright of his life, when the unexpected happens.

Lubin has travelled to far North Queensland to fly fish the flats for anything that eats a fly.
He gets a bit more than he bargined for as sharks, crocs and big and hungry grouper are close by. His guides knows the dangers below, but one mistake almost costs a guide his fingers.



Lubin is using Scott and Airflo fly rods coupled with Lamson and Hatch reels. He delivers his flies with Airflo fly lines and he's dressed from top till toe in UV protective clothes by Simms.

Back in NZ a Tristram boat is being uniquely CAD designed and CNC moulded. It's fibreglass construction is incredibly strong and it is dead silent and soft riding through the water. Each and every Tristram boat is made to perfection by perfectionists boat builders.



8wt Airflo Nemisis rod 
Waterworks-Lamson Remix reel
Airflo tropical intermediate flyline
9wt Airflo Coastal fly rod

Waterworks-Lamson speedster reel
Airflo tropical floating flyline






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