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S7E10 Whangapoua

Milan and Nathan are fishing for the big ones and they get exactly what they ask for.

So far it hasn’t exactly been a big fish season for Milan and Nathan, so they set out from Whangapoua purely to hunt down some big kingfish. The plan is to head towards Square Top Island and fish the structures that present themselves along the way.

With a livebait tank full of fresh piper and kahawai, it’s looking good from the get-go, and soon big backs and foamy whirlpools are at the back of the boat.

It turns out that if you focus solely on fishing for big fish, you actually catch big fish! The boys are unstoppable as big and angry kingfish come in for a play.



Our big Shimano Stella’s spooled with Varivas braid is stronger than mankind! We pretty much lock the drags up and the gear can handle it. Ocea Plugger rods has proven to be unbeatable when it comes to nailing big angry fish And our BKK hooks gets a good hold of the fish and never let go.

Our Simrad is our eyes below and we can easily distinct the bait from the kingfish.

We always have our lifejackets and we both carry PLB distress beacons that float and work even in water. We also carry our fully charged cellphones in drybags. Safety never ruined a day out on the water.



Stickbait combo
Shimano 18,000 Stella reel on Shimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle PE8 rod 8’8”.
Spooled with PE10 Varivas braid, 140lb varivas mono shock leader.
Nomad Riptide 200 floating stick bait.

Live bait combo
Shimano 20,000 Stella reel on Shimano Ocea Plugger PE10 rod 7'9".
Spooled with PE10 Varivas braid, 140lb mono leader.
BKK 10/0 deep jigging hooks.





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#2 Big Angry Fish 2019-02-12 17:31
Hi Craig. Nathan used a 30 or 40lbs fluorocarbon trace to tie the belly triplehook to the stickbait in order to prevent the hook from smashing the stickbait.
#1 Craig Wheaton 2019-02-04 21:42
What was the piece of trace that Nathan was using on the stickbait for, great show by the way.
cheers Craig

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