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S7 EP1 Aldermen Islands

Milan and Nathan are kicking off the fishing season at the Aldermen Islands, testing out new fishing grounds.

Even though it’s still chill mornings and the sad fact that summer has not quite arrived yet, Milan and Nathan have the urge to head out fishing from Waihi to see if the snapper have moved into the coast yet.

They find some hungry shallow water snapper hard in on the coastline and Nathan’s new skute design is proving very successful. This makes Milan and Nathan seek out new fishing grounds to chase down these lure eating snapper, and so they head to Aldermen Islands.

Being new to the area, Milan and Nathan don’t know what to expect, but their stash of skutes and stickbaits soon get to work, and the Aldies do not fail in producing big fish.



On our first fishing trip this season we fished out of our Tristram 600 Inshore Boat and the following days out of the 701 Offshore at the Aldermen Islands. Both boats are powered by Mercury Verados that are pushing us back in the seats in silence and comfort.

Our Simrad NSS Evo2 found the fish for us in no time and our bulletproof tools from Shimano did not disappoint: all Nathan's Skutes are sent hurtling down wind on Shimano Sustain 5000 reels and Dialuna 7'10" rods. The reels are spooled with PE2 varivas braid, FG knot joins 25lb fluorocarbon leader and a 6 to 8 turn uni knot attached the pointy bit.

Brave Design has finished off the 2 stunning boats and our BT50 powerhouse from John Andrew Mazda tows these rigs with ease and comfort.

The Enduro trailer fitted with a Balex Automatic Boat Loader makes trailer-boat fishing a simple task.



Skute combo
Shimano Sustain 5000 reels on Shimano Dialuna 7'10" rod
Spooled with PE2 Varivas braid, 25lb fluorocarbon leader

Stickbait combo
Shimano 18,000 Stella reel on Shimano Ocea Plugger Full Throttle PE8 rod 8’8”.
Spooled with PE10 Varivas braid, 140lb varivas mono shock leader.

Nomad Riptide 200 floating stick bait.




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