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S7 E5 Northland Trevally

Big and strong trevallies test the guys to the max and even bigger snapper push them to their limit.

The first plan is to head out for some snapper fishing but the sounder lures Milan and Nathan into fishing over some good sign, and the technology isn’t lying.

Getting ready to fish the berley trail, it’s very apparent that Milan and Nathan have each their way when it comes to rigging up hooks and line. Milan is going for the bite, Nathan for the fish –who gets it right?

Before we find out, a big school of hungry trevally enter the berley trail, changing the game of the day into two-hand trevally fishing. There are entangled anglers on deck and eventually big fish landed.

As the tide turns Milan and Nathan head back to their original plan to stake out some big snapper up in the shallows and wait for that big elusive one to come around for a look. After all the action, another very big and white visitor comes up the berley trail and has a big chomp on the prop.



The Tristram 701 offshore takes us in comfort and style to our fishing grounds. The Manson Boss anchor never lets go and holds us on the spot until it’s time to go.
The silent Verado from Mercury gets us from A – B and is as silent and fuel efficient as outboards get.

Head into your local Topcatch store for all your bait and berley. The Top Catch staff will help you get onto the fish quicker, and with local knowledge you are already halfway there.


Skute combo
Shimano Sustain 5000 reels on Shimano Dialuna 7'10" rod.
Spooled with PE2 Varivas braid, 25lb fluorocarbon leader.

Nathan's strayline combo
Shimano TranX 300 bait caster reel on Shimano Carbolite 7' 6-10kg rod.
Spooled with PE3 Varivas braid, 40lb Varivas fluorocarbon leader .
BKK heavy circle hook in 8 or 10/0.

Milan’s straylining set up
Shimano Trinidad 14A or Shimano Torium 14H reel on Shimano Backbone elite 8'6" 6-12kg rod.
Spooled with 8kg mono, Varivas 40lb fluorocarbon leader
BKK Red octopus beak, 10/0 hook.



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