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S7 E3 Rarewa & Houhura

Milan and Nathan have big fish plans circling in their heads while searching for new fishing spots along a remote coastline in the Far North.

The weather forecast predicts some stunning days and Milan and Nathan have big fish plans circling in their heads. Where to go at which tides? Where on the structure will the fish be holding? Where to sit correctly to have wind in the same direction as the tide? All these things spin around in any angler’s head when heading out in the morning in hope for that insanely good bite!

Getting a hungry fish to eat a chunk of bait is relatively easy, but if a fish is not hungry chances are that it’ll still eat a lure. That’s why lure fishing has got the edge over bait fishing. However, this is not to say that the Big Angry Fish bait fishing days are over. Pumping a solid berley trail and casting massive baits still counts, but the purity of lure fishing definitely has its merits too.

The snapper are hitting everything thrown at them and fishing seems to be incredible wherever Milan and Nathan end up. It is the really big one they are after though and that seems to be a harder task than first expected. Catching smalls ones are relatively easy, but how do you go about catching that trophy fish?

A new hat and a new day bring along new possibilities. Nathan is trying a new hook-on-hook system for bait fishing, but it turns out to be a bridle-rigged bait on circle hook that brings the big one over the side.




Endurant Batteries power our Tristram 701 Offshore fishing machine and we have never been low on power. The Tristram launches and retrieves perfect every time from the Enduro trailer. No wonder about that one, as it is built to be a strong and long-lasting trailer with no compromises.

The trailer has even integrated the Balex ABL as a standard. We would never be without a Balex system again, as it makes launching and retrieving simple and safe.

Simrad locates the fish for us, with a bright display both at night and day.

Stay safe on the water – always wear your lifejacket and carry two ways to call for help, such as a bagged cellphone, a PLB, a Epirb distress beacon or best of all: a waterproof and handheld VHF marine radio.




Skute combo
Shimano Sustain 5000 reels on Shimano Dialuna 7'10" rod.
Spooled with PE2 Varivas braid, 25lb fluorocarbon leader.

Nathan's strayline combo
Shimano TranX 300 bait caster reel on Shimano Carbolite 7' 6-10kg rod.
Spooled with PE3 Varivas braid, 40lb Varivas fluorocarbon leader .
BKK heavy circle hook in 8 or 10/0.

Milan’s straylining set up
Shimano Trinidad 14A or Shimano Torium 14H reel on Shimano Backbone elite 8'6" 6-12kg rod.
Spooled with 8kg mono, Varivas 40lb fluorocarbon leader
BKK Red octopus beak, 10/0 hook.




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