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S7 E2 Landbased Snapper

Milan and Nathan are fishing ninja style, wading a small sandbar inside the harbour scouting for snapper.

Milan and Nathan use the Tristram 701 Offshore boat to taxi themselves to a landbased fish on a small sandbar inside the harbour.

On an incoming tide in the evening, all the fish are queuing up, ready to hit the flats. All the little tasty critters are still out pottering about on the flats, oblivious to the pending mayhem and still feeling safe in the super shallow water.

The second the tide has opened the gates for snapper, trevally, kingfish or kahawai to enter the flats, they will rush in and eat anything they come across.

To be fishing the flats at this moment is a perfect opportunity to hook a shallow water trophy, but this style of fishing is difficult from a boat. You are casting into less than a foot of water, so the risk of instantly hooking seagrass or other bottom debris is too high and you don’t fish effectively.

Casting from the super shallows and into a meter of water that’s where it’s at, and that’s exactly what Milan and Nathan have planned to do!

Milan is stickbaiting for kingfish, but to his surprise big snapper are hitting his surface lures.

Nathan is fishing his own homemade lures and, and the snapper falls for his tricks one after the other. Or maybe it’s because Nathan’s 8lb trace is just about invisible even to the clever harbour snapper?

As the evening sets, the fishing goes mental with tailing snappers and feisty hook-ups. Milan has meanwhile changed his sinking stickbait in favour of a floating one, which is exactly what the snappers were waiting for.



Nathan’s Skutes cleaned up the bottom feeding snapper and his Shimano Shimano Shadow X ultra light made precision casting such an ease that the snapper had no chance.

Milan sorted out the bigger and much more aggressive surface feeding fish with his brand-new Stella 5000 sitting on a Shimano Colt Sniper rod. The Stella was spooled with Varivas PE30 and with a Varivas 40lbs leader, just because he has a problem with fishing light drags…

The Nomad Riptide stickbaits used for snapper are all rigged up with BKK hooks.

Even in dim light conditions we keep on wearing our Spotters sunglasses. It’s super important to be able to spot cruising fish up in the shallows so you can present your lure to them.

Our stunning Tristram 701 Offshore got to do very little work this evening, but at least she looked gorgeous anchored up in the setting sun.



Nathan’s combo
Shimano Nasci C3000 reel on Shimano Shadow X ultra light, 8' 2-6kg rod.

Milan’s combo
Shimano 5000 Stella reel on Shimano Colt Sniper S900M rod.
Spooled with Varivas PE30, Varivas 40lbs leader.

Nomad Riptide stickbaits with BKK hooks




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#4 Big Angry Fish 2019-05-20 21:25
Hi Adam.
They are wire clips made by Mustad. I use them because the lure has more action swinging on the clip rather than tied direct to the trace. It’s easy as to change lure with a clip. Sometimes a big snapper will get hooked just inside its mouth. The clip adds extra protection against a big snapper biting through the trace or getting busted off because the trace was rubbing over its teeth.
#3 Adam 2019-04-21 09:41
Nathan mentioned he likes to use clips to attach his skutes to the leader. I know there's a few different styles of lure clips, but I'm just wondering what style he prefers and if he chooses to use them for all his skute / soft plastic fishing or just on lighter gear? When fishing with Milan (who seems to tie them on) is there a difference in bite / hook up rate? Cheers.
#2 Big Angry Fish 2019-02-12 17:25
Hi Craig. Have a look here: https://bigangryfish.tv/products-on-tv/simms-clothing
You can get them from https://www.manictackleproject.com/simms-dry-creek-hip-pack/
#1 Craig Wheaton 2019-02-09 17:17
CAn someone tell me what make and model the bum bag is that Milan has in this episode please?

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