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Season 7

Big Angry Fish Season 7 is broadcasted on THREE (NZ) from August to November 2018 and on 7mate (AU) from November 2018.

S7E7 Snapper on Micro Lures

Milan and Nathan are trying out micro-lure fishing for snapper in the mangroves, and the fish are keen to play.

S7E6 Kayak Fishing

Nathan and Lubin are on the hunt for big fish from the kayaks. It’s the keen angler’s game and the big snapper are there to play.

S7 E5 Northland Trevally

Big and strong trevallies test the guys to the max and even bigger snapper push them to their limit.

S7 E4 Coromandel Kings

Milan and Nathan are off on the annual big fish hunt but find themselves reefed, busted off and generally outsmarted by the Coro Kings.

S7 E3 Rarewa & Houhura

Milan and Nathan have big fish plans circling in their heads while searching for new fishing spots along a remote coastline in the Far North.

S7 E2 Landbased Snapper

Milan and Nathan are fishing ninja style, wading a small sandbar inside the harbour scouting for snapper.

S7 EP1 Aldermen Islands

Milan and Nathan are kicking off the fishing season at the Aldermen Islands, testing out new fishing grounds.


New TV Season starting in NZ from 12th Aug 2018 Sundays 5pm on THREE

TV3 Sunday 5pm 00 TV3W2 - 7mate Saturday 4.30pm 00 7mateW2