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Sn6 Ep4: Saltwater fly fishing

Nathan has gone solo with his fly rod – and the big snapper in the shallows better look out!

Nathan has gone fishing by himself for the day. It's a hot summer's day and the conditions are absolutely perfect for shallow water stalking. Since Nathan is the only chief on board he calls the shots for the day, which means the boat is loaded with the fly fishing gear alone.

The calm shallow waters reveal what may be concealed on a windy, choppy day: the tailing snapper. Nathan is instantly on high alert, doing whatever he can to outsmart the big reds and to get one of them to eat his fly.


Fishing Gear

Hatch Finatic 7 Plus reel on Scott Meridian 9'0" 9 Line rod. Airflo fly lines.

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Milan and Nathan’s Tristram 600 is the perfect harbour and inshore fishing machine. She is 100% silent through the water and is just built for shallow water fishing. Check out the full spec of the Tristram 600 Inshore here

The mind-blowing Minn-Kota gets the guys close to the shy snapper, and the powerful batteries from Endurant fuel the Minn-Kota all day long.

Scott Meridian fly rods and Hatch reels with Airflo fly lines is the pinnacle of saltwater fly fishing gear.

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#2 Big Angry Fish 2017-08-21 19:05
Hi John. It's right in front of the boat.... That's exactly as much as we are willing to reveal ;)
#1 John Thodey 2017-08-20 20:26
Where exactly is this amazing spot?

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