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Sn6 Ep13: Kayak Fishing

Kayaking is normally done with a paddle – but both Milan and Nathan get towed around!

It’s wintertime at Great Barrier Island and the shallows are full of snapper.

Milan and Nathan have taken their kayaks onboard the mothership Savoy, and are all setup to nail some good fish.

Both end up hooking into to some big steam trains and soon finds themselves being towed around by big fish.




Skute combo
Shimano 4000 Stradic reel, spooled with Varivas PE2 braid, 25lb duel fluoro shock leader. FG Knot joins braid to leader and uni knot joins leader to Skute. Rod: Shimano Energy Concept 7' 2pce lure/spin 4-8k

Strayline combo
Shimano Tranx 300, spoiled with Varivas PE4 jigging braid. FG knot joins braid to 40lb duel power carbon shock leader. Uni knot joins BKK 8/0 heavy circle hook. Rod: Shimano Shadow X Nano boat 7' 1pce 6-10kg




Viking Kayaks is the choice for serious kayak fishermen. They are setup to perfection and can be modified in seconds to the style of fishing you are doing.

Milan and Nathan both run Shimano 4000 Stradic’s on Energy Concept rods for their lure fishing for snapper, and Shimano Tranx 300 reel on a Shadow X Nano rod for big kings out of the kayak.

The lifejackets are on when fishing in the kayaks and both guys carry PLB distress beacons that float and work even in water. Milan and Nathan also carry fully charged cellphones in drybags. Safety never ruined a day out on the water.

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#2 Graeme Humphrey 2018-06-30 17:19
Fabulous show guys love it, havent been able to get out fishing for some time and see you guys do it with ease is great
to see.
#1 Peter 2018-05-26 07:29
Awesome show guys, I'm from Victoria and fish Geelong to Queenscliff out of my kayak, although the fishing isn't quite as good here l still catch some pretty awesome fish, l would love to take a trip over there one day for some awesome kayak fishing in your harbours. Good luck and all the best, Peter

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