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Sn6 Ep12: Rangiputa Harbour

Milan and Nathan get harassed by a huge shark, so Nathan volunteers to fight back.

A nice and quiet day in the harbour gets disturbed by an unwanted visitor.

All Milan and Nathan want is to catch a nice kingfish or two, but something hungry with massive big teeth steals their catch over and over again. Nathan decides that enough is enough, and he turns the predator into prey, at least until its relase from the beach.




Shark/Marlin combo
Shimano Stella 30000, spooled with PE8 Varivas. Rod: Shimano OCEA PE10 7'9" S79MH

Deadbait (skute) combo
Shimano 4000 Stradic reel, spooled with Varivas PE2 braid, 25lb duel fluoro shock leader. FG Knot joins braid to leader and uni knot joins leader to Skute. Rod: Shimano Energy Concept 7' 2pce lure/spin 4-8k

Mid-weight stickbait combo
Shimano Stella 14000, spooled with Varivas PE6 braid. 100lb mono shock leader. FG knot joins braid to leader and improved clinch knot joins leader to stick bait. Rod: Shimano OCEA Plugger S83H 8'3" PE6

Lures & Bait
Nomad stickbait
Nomad popper
Top Catch bait
Top Catch berley
BKK circle hook
BKK J hook




The 150HP Mercury Verado 4-stroke is silent and super-efficient. Fuel consumption is at a bare minimum.

The Stella 30000 is the Ferrari of fishing reels. Nothing competes with this beast and when Nathan puts the brakes on big sharks, they come to the beach with him.

Head into your local Top Catch store to buy your Shimano rods and reels and at the business end make sure you use the strongest and sharpest hooks available.

Milan and Nathan use BKK hooks exclusively and they have never been let down.

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#1 jakson 2018-03-15 23:04
Nice bronze

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