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Sn6 Ep11: Vanuatu Reefs

Milan and Nathan are chasing big angry fish in Vanuatu – and they get a real run for their money.

Milan and Nathan are in Vanuatu fishing for giant trevally and big dogtooth tuna. With 40 degrees, high humidity and not a breath of wind, it’s hard work casting all day and hauling in big fish. The fish are biting well and big fights are going down, some ending well yet other in total disaster...



Live-baiting combo
Shimano Stella 20000, spooled with PE10 Avani GT braid. FG knot joins braid to 140lb mono shock leader. Improved clinch knot joins 140lb mono leader to BKK 10/0 deep jigging hook. Rod: Shimano OCEA PE10 7'9" S79MH

Marlin combo
Shimano Stella 30000, spooled with PE8 Varivas. Rod: Shimano OCEA PE10 7'9" S79MH

Skute combo
Shimano 4000 Stradic reel, spooled with Varivas PE2 braid, 25lb duel fluoro shock leader. FG Knot joins braid to leader and uni knot joins leader to Skute. Rod: Shimano Energy Concept 7' 2pce lure/spin 4-8k

Nomad Chug Norris 120g popper
Nomad Maverick Calmwater 135g
Nomad Riptide, 200mm, floating stickbait, 90grams



Spotters protect Milan and Nathan’s eyes and spot the fish for them. BKK hooks are incredibly strong and just never let go once they are in.

While overseas the guys dearly miss their trusted Muscle Fuel lunch break, as they need it when catching big fish.

Always have your life jacket on, remember: Nobody’s faster than disaster.

Milan and Nathan lock the drags on their big Stellas from the get-go! GT’s and dogtooth tuna will smash you if you don’t put the hurt on them.

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#3 Big Angry Fish 2018-04-17 10:18
Hi Sonia
Thanks for the nice feedback!
The fishing charter was: https://www.oceanbluefishing.com/
And the accommodation was:
Hope you'll have a great trip!!!
#2 jakson 2018-03-19 23:01
I had not long seen to episode on tv. Nice gt and dogtooh tuna.
#1 Sonia Ripohau 2018-03-11 15:44
Can you please let me know where abouts you stayed and what fishing charter you guys used. My husband and I are big fans

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