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Sn6 Ep10: Vanuatu Game Fishing

Milan and Nathan are visiting Vanuatu – and hook into a real Big and Angry one!

When Milan and Nathan magically appear at a resort in Vanuatu, there is only one obvious thing to be doing and that’s going fishing. The boys are confident that they are stronger than the fish in the ocean, but when the big tropical speedsters take off, trouble strikes on the boat as heat and exhaustion sets in.



Live-baiting combo
Shimano Stella 20000, spooled with PE10 Avani GT braid. FG knot joins braid to 140lb mono shock leader. Improved clinch knot joins 140lb mono leader to BKK 10/0 deep jigging hook. Rod: Shimano OCEA PE10 7'9" S79MH

Marlin combo
Shimano Stella 30000, spooled with PE8 Varivas. Rod: Shimano OCEA PE10 7'9" S79MH

Skute combo
Shimano 4000 Stradic reel, spooled with Varivas PE2 braid, 25lb duel fluoro shock leader. FG Knot joins braid to leader and uni knot joins leader to Skute. Rod: Shimano Energy Concept 7' 2pce lure/spin 4-8k

Nomad Chug Norris 120g popper
Nomad Maverick Calmwater 135g
Nomad Riptide, 200mm, floating stickbait, 90grams



The big Shimano Stella is spooled with Varivas braid, which is stronger than mankind! Milan and Nathan pretty much lock the drags up and the gear can handle it.

Ocea Plugger rods has proven to be unbeatable when it comes to nailing big angry fish, and the BKK hooks get a good hold of the fish and never let go.

Milan and Nathan exclusively use Spotter sunglasses for fish spotting and eye protection, the quality of these glasses are second to none.

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