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SN6 EP1: Cape Runaway

New boat, new motor and new fishing gear. The fishing season has been kicked off big time.

Milan and Nathan are excited to test out their brand new boat and fishing gear in this first episode of Big Angry Fish season 6.

What better place to kick of a new season than the world famous Cape Runaway, a location that always serves up Big and Angry fish. The guys are both fishing hard, but as usual one has to hook the big one.



Stickbaiting combo
Shimano 18000 Stella, spooled with Varivas PE8 braid. FG knot joins braid to 140lb Varivas mono shock leader and improved clinch knot joins mono leader to stick bait. Rod: Shimano OCEA Plugger BG S86ML 8'6" PE8

Skute combo
Shimano 4000 Stradic reel, spooled with Varivas PE2 braid, 25lb duel fluoro shock leader. FG Knot joins braid to leader and uni knot joins leader to Skute. Rod: Shimano Energy Concept 7' 2pce lure/spin 4-8k

Micro-jigging combo
Shimano Curado 200 HG, spooled with Avani jigging braid PE 1.5. FG knot joins braid to 25lb duel power carbon shock leader. Uni knot to Shimano Colt Sniper jig. Rod: Shimano Energy Concept 6'8" 2pce inshore jig O/H 90-160gm

Heavy jigging combo
Shimano Talica 12, spooled with PE6 Avani GT braid. FG knot joins braid to 100lb mono leader. Improved clinch knot joins 100lb mono leader to Shimano Butterfly jig. Rod: Shimano Energy Concept 5' 2pce jig O/H PE6 250-350gm

Nathan’s strayline combo
Shimano Tranx 300, spoiled with Varivas PE4 jigging braid. FG knot joins braid to 40lb duel power carbon shock leader. Uni knot joins BKK 8/0 heavy circle hook. Rod: Shimano Shadow X Nano boat 7' 1pce 6-10kg

Shimano Colt Sniper jig, 35gram
Shimano Butterfly jig 224gram


The first fishing trip this season was made possible with the brand new 701 Tristram Offshore with a beast of a 300HP Mercury Verado pushing the guys back in the seats.
Brave Design finished off the stunning boat and the Mazda BT50, the powerhouse from John Andrew Mazda that tows this rig with ease and comfort.
The Enduro trailer fitted with a Balex Automatic Boat Loader makes trailerboat fishing a simple task.
The Simrad NSS12 evo2 Chartplotter MFD found the fish in no time, and the new tools from Shimano did not disappoint: the big Stella sitting on a Shimano Ocea Plugger reel with a ton of lifting power and the Colt Sniper jigs nailed everything that lived on the reef.
Thanks to Oceanside apartments for the cozy beds and hot showers.

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