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Season 6 Overview

Here's what to look forwards to in each episode of Season 6.

All the dates below refer to the New Zealand broadcasting on 5pm Sunday on TV3 from 30th July to 22nd Oct 2017.

Ep1 Cape Runaway

30/07/2017 - New boat, new motor and new fishing gear - and the fishing season has been kicked off big time.


Ep2 Windy Day  

06/08/2017 - It’s a windy one out there, but nothing stops Milan and Nathan going fishing.


Ep3 North Cape

13/08/2017 - The boys are nailing big snapper, and one of them almost gets pulled overboard by a big one.


Ep4 Saltwater Fly Fishing

20/08/2017 - Nathan has gone solo with his flyrod – and the big snapper in the shallows better look out!


Ep5 Manaia Harbour

27/08/2017 - Milan is in Coromandel looking for big kingfish – and the place does not disappoint!


Ep6 Offshore Reefs

03/09/2017 - The boys are on a tour through the Bay of Plenty – and there’s fish life everywhere they go.


Ep7 Mayor Island Snapper

10/09/2017 - The boys are hooking huge snapper, but landing them seems to be the hard part.


Ep8 Far North Skutes

17/09/2017 - Milan and Nathan are fishing in “big snapper” country, but who catches the biggest one?!


Ep9 Lubin The Australian

24/09/2017 - Milan meets an unlucky and lonely Australian angler – and invites him out fishing for the day.


Ep10 Vanuatu Marlin

01/10/2017 - Milan and Nathan are visiting Vanuatu – and hook into a real Big and Angry one.


Ep11 Vanuatu Trophies

08/10/2017 - The boys are chasing big angry fish in Vanuatu – and they get a real run for their money.


Ep12 Rangiputa Harbour

15/10/2017 - The boys get’s harassed by a huge shark, but Nathan volunteers to fight back.


Ep13 Kayak Fishing

22/10/2017 - Kayaking is normally done with a paddle – but both Milan and Nathan get towed around!

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