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Sn5 Ep13: Great Barrier Island

Milan and his injured foot pulled a few good fish over the rails of Savoy, but this was nothing compared to what Nathan encountered on an exposed point few miles away.

We had waited and waited for a weather window and the availability of the popular Savoy vessel, and finally all planets lined up perfectly. The plans were made and we were ready to go. This is pretty much when Milan chucked a garden fork through his foot, full steam! No fancy fishing moves for this fella now...

Milan’s injured foot keeps him on board the Savoy luxury yacht while Nathan jumps in the kayak to go snapper hunting along the Great Barrier shores.

While the foot got nursed onboard the vessel, Milan saw the chance to pull a few good fish over the rails, but his catch could not compete with what Nathan encountered on an exposed point few kilometers away.


Cellphones are already recreational boaties’ most commonly carried communication device and their use is continuing to increase. Waterproof bags for cellphones can save your life, so make sure you carry 1 with you at all times when on the water.

Your Lifejacket’s will from time to time require a service. Make sure you keep your life jackets in good working order at all times and get it on or its no good!

Every time you head out on the water you need to make sure you are carrying a float bag with a torch, VHF, flares and an Epirp and it has to be within easy reach. Always remind your crew of safe behavior and suggest wearing warm clothing if necessary.  All boats should carry a boat hook, a throwing line, first aid kit, bailing system and navigation equipment.


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#3 David Jenkins 2017-06-13 18:36
I need some fun and a good laugh I'd love to go fishing with you guys
#2 Big Angry Fish 2017-02-12 10:17
Thanks Marion
#1 MarionKern 2017-02-11 18:14
I favored to thank you for this outstanding examine!!. I valued it. This is probably taken into consideration one among an informative percentage I've ever located these days. And moreover I just like the manner you mentioned the concern. I will ensure to bookmark your weblog and honestly will come back from over again.

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