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Sn5 Ep11: Game Fishing

The team has split up: Nathan is in pursuit of his dream to catching a marlin, and Milan is going Back to Basics.

Nathan has got the game fishing bug but Milan prefers going back to basic. The team splits up for the day with Nathan going wide with Glenn on the hunt for a striped marlin, and Milan paddles out in Coromadel/ Hauraki Gulf to go landbased fishing.

So who will catch the big one of the day? Only time will tell and it’s a close race as both of them hook up to monster fish throughout the day.


Whenever you go fishing, prep your boat, check your gear and know the rules!

PLBs and Epirps use the same international network. If you activate it, help is on its way!

A PLB is a manual device that must be activated by the user and it comes in both a floating and sinking model. Make sure you choose the best one for use in a maritime environment.

Epirps are designed to be mounted in boats and must be taken with you in a case of emergency. They are waterproof, they float and some are self-activated when getting in contact with water.

In a case of Accidental activation: ring RCCNZ New Zealand (toll free): 0508 472 269  (0508 4 RCCNZ)

You will be thanked for calling!


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