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Season 5

Big Angry Fish Season 5 was broadcasted on TV3 from August to november 2016 and on 7mate from Nov 2016.

Sn5 Ep13: Great Barrier Island

Milan and his injured foot pulled a few good fish over the rails of Savoy, but this was nothing compared to what Nathan encountered on an exposed point few miles away.

Sn5 Ep12: Kayak Fishing

Milan and Nathan are exploring Aotea Harbour in their kayaks. The place looks void of life at first glance, but persistence pays off big time.

Sn5 Ep11: Game Fishing

The team has split up: Nathan is in pursuit of his dream to catching a marlin, and Milan is going Back to Basics.

Sn5 Ep10: Coromandel Kings

Milan and Nathan are back on their home turf in Coromandel where they are following the tide, current and big fish move around.

Sn5 Ep9: Snapper in the harbour

It’s shallow water snapper season, and Milan and Nathan are exploring new fishing spots, hoping to find the red gold.

Sn5 Ep8: Kawhia Harbour

Milan and Nathan head over to Kawhia Harbour on the hunt for a kingfish legend of the West Coast. It turns out to be a humbling journey for all parties involved.

Sn5 Ep7: Karikari Peninsula

Milan and Nathan are fishing new territory around the Karikari Peninsula, and it all turns into a bit of a competition.

Sn5 Ep6: Flyfishing

Milan and Nathan are on fly fishing adventure in the shallow of the harbour, seeing what’s hiding on the eel grass flats.

Sn5 Ep5: Tauranga Harbour

5 mins from Tauranga boat ramp and Milan and Nathan are hooked up on something big and angry. Later, it’s shark fishing 1on1.

Sn5 Ep4: Mangroves

Milan and Nathan explore what’s hiding in the mangroves in just a meter of water. It’s big and it’s red!

Sn5 Ep3: Aotea Solo

Rumour has it that Aotea Harbour holds some massive kingfish in the strong currents. Alone in the boat, Milan sets out to meet the Legend.

Sn5 Ep2: Tuhua Reef

Milan and Nathan are battling the dangerous waves at Tuhua reef and some big fish that are hanging around at the structures.

Sn5 ep1: The Hauraki Gulf

Surrounded by workups in the Hauraki Gulf, Milan and Nathan have a ball catching snappers on light gear followed by some stickbait action.

[video] Season 5 coming soon!

Here’s an exclusive sneak preview of the Season 5 intro to Big Angry Fish. Watch it here

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