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Sn4 Ep9 Getting Towed

On the quest to catch a big kingfish from a kayak, Milan and Nathan’s skills seems to fall short, until something takes Milan for a free ride.

Milan and Nathan pride themselves of being legendary kingie fishermen, but when given the challenge of catching a kingfish from a kayak, things seem to change quickly.

One fish after the other is lost, and the boys feel depressed and defeated. A complete restructure is needed before the boys paddle out for a final go. It looks like it will end in tears again, just as Milan pulls a wildcard and find himself solidly hooked up to a huge fish towing him around the Hauraki Gulf.


Viking Kayaks have designed the Reload models for the serious fisherman. The Reload can be modified in seconds to exactly what you are fishing for on the day. The tackle pod system allows for just that. Now with the option of a live-bait tank you have suddenly turned into a pro kingie fisherman!

Remember to wear a lifejacket at all times when on the water and you can get specialized kayak and water adventure lifejackets from Baltic. Even in the kayaks we carry 2 separate waterproof communication devices. We recommend having a handheld VHF and a cellphone in a dry-bag. One never knows when help is needed while out on the water!


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