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Sn4 Ep8 24hrs Fishing Mission

Starting off with a tranquil evening fish, the setting changes dramatically the following day with game fishing excitement and big angry fish.

Milan and Nathan has decided to spend a night in the harbour fishing for snapper. It’s not easy fishing in the dark, but they do get a nice feed of snapper, trevally and a nice line-pulling kingfish. Next day is spent game fishing with big live-baits and a marlin comes around for a look.

A naughty hammerhead shark nails the bait before the marlin gets a chance, so with the limited success on that front, Milan and Nathan go to do what they do best: soon after a monster kingfish is secured.


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#1 richard 2015-09-27 17:08
When fishing in the Tauranga harbour, sometimes you have to no the spot x tofind snapper. I use to fish from Bowentown boat ramp and go directly to the shallower waters about 6 feet on high tide, line up three markers and every time I nailed the snapper.

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