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Sn4 Ep6 Waihi Solo Mission

Milan is on a solo mission showing how to fish the harbours. He gets more than what he asks for when a double hook-up tests his skills.

Milan is on a solo mission in the Tauranga Harbour showing us how to get the most out of harbour fishing. The only thing he wasn't hoping for is a double hook-up on massive kingfish, so guess what happens?! It's absolutely carnage in the boat as two fish swims off in opposite directions and Milan is struggling to get the situation under control. After an incredible battle Milan comes out on top though, tired, exhausted but proud of his success.


Our Mazda BT50 From John Andrew Mazda has no problem towing and launching a 3ton plus boat.

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#6 Edgar Reitz 2016-03-20 16:08
Just watched this episode on tv in Australia.Awesome.
#5 Paul Greenie 2015-11-29 16:34
Hi there
I couldn't hear what the clips were called that were placed on the rods, could someone please mention what they were called?
#4 Big Angry Fish 2015-09-28 09:51
Hi Lindsay. We're sorry the site causes you issues. Well, the fact that you can comment actually means that you are signed up and logged in! If you experience any further issues, please contact . Cheers!
#3 Lindsay Ward 2015-09-24 21:01
Hi guys, tried to sign up but it wouldn't let me
#2 Big Angry Fish 2015-09-07 11:11
Thanks Gary. We'll make sure to keep doing stuff like this -not the rod breaking part, though...
#1 Gary Stone 2015-09-06 08:48
Bloody awesome show Milan, wished you'd do a lot more like this as it gives us land based and small boat anglers new confidence in trying things that we may given up on due to little success....

Where was Nathan? Was he still pissed over the rod tip saga in the previous ep? lol don't worry mate, you're not the first to do that but at least I only had to buy 1 replacement rod :P

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