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Sn4 Ep5 Big Fish Big Battles

In a quiet kahawai fishing moment, hell breaks loose as the kingfish move in for a look. Then a marlin… 

While fishing for kahawai at a Taurang reef, a huge school of big kingfish comes cruising past. Milan and Nathan quickly re-rig their gear, and soon it's big fish mayhem on deck. Nathan loses his first battle, but gets his revenge on a massive kingfish. With tired arms the boys relax with a big live-bait destined for a black marlin. The bait gets eaten, the heartbeat is racing, until...

After a night catching live-baits, the boys re-visit the kingfish reef and get another great workout before it's time to head home, tired and battlescarred.

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#1 Gary Stone 2015-09-06 08:52
Ah did the boat rock at that most unfortunate time as you're giving it your best to heave that sticky out far? Least I only nailed one rod :P - awesome show guys :)

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