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Sn4 Ep4 Trout Psychosis

Diagnosed with trout psychosis, Milan tries to recover with the help of fishing guide, Ralph, while Nathan and FlyGuy are having a great time fly fishing.

Milan loses his temper big time when Nathan reveals his plans of going trout fishing with Flyguy, without Milan. Trying to resolve his trout issues, Milan visits a psychiatrist who hypnotises Milan and gives him the diagnosis of trout psychosis. This ailment is easily fixed with the help of fishing guide, Ralph, and soon Milan has got his fly fishing sorted and even catches a few trout. Meanwhile Nathan and FlyGuy are having a great time fly fishing and hauling in one trout after the other.


Legendary Scott and Airflo fly rods with Lamson reels, throws the perfect casts to spooky trout. Airflo Fly lines and leaders make the important presentation perfect every time. We wear Simms clothing for a long comfortable day in the harsh New Zealand sunlight.

We are super stealthy thanks to our Minn-Kota electrical motor, and it goes all day on a full charge. Muscle Fuel is a cheap and super healthy way of eating.

Remember to wear your lifejacket at all times, even when freshwater fishing. Our Baltic Lifejackets are light and comfortable, and it quickly becomes second nature to have them on.

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