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Sn4 Ep3 Skutes at Mercury Islands

Big snapper are jumping all over Nathan’s new lure creation and even Milan is impressed. The day’s fishing is completed with Whitianga trophy kingfish.

Nathan has been cooking up a new snapper lure back in the famous Big Angry Fish shed, the Skute. It's his day to be in charge of the fishing, so Milan has to follow orders. The big snapper are jumping all over the new lure creation and even Milan is impressed. However, it's no great day’s fishing without a few trophy kingfish, so big live-baits are deployed over a reef out of Whitianga and kingfish chaos soon follows.

The drift chute comes in handy to set the boat in the ultimate fishing position. Stay tuned on our website for more info on drift chutes. Or go straight to the shop to get your own!

Same goes for Nathan's Skutes. We'll reveal more details soon!


Every time you head out on the water you need to make sure you are carrying a float bag with a torch, VHF, flares and an Epirp and it has to be within easy reach. Always remind your crew of safe behavior and suggest wearing warm clothing if necessary.  All boats should carry a boat hook, a throwing line, first aid kit, bailing system and navigation equipment.

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