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Sn4 Ep2 Techno Viking’s Maiden Voyage

On their first trip in the new boat, Milan and Nathan are greeted by all species of fish that seem to be eager to see the new Techno Viking in action.

Milan and Nathan are in the Far North, on their first trip in the new boat, Techno Viking, a 750 Game King from Extreme Boats. On their way to the fishing grounds, they are greeted by a baby humpback whale and a pack of orcas. It's not long before some nice fish are hitting the deck of the new boat. Snapper, terakihi, bluecod, barracouta, tuna and kahawai. All species of fish seems to be eager to see the new boat in action!

During breakfast the following morning, Milan and Nathan are spectators to a helicopter trying to get the fire at North Cape under control and they get in a great mornings fishing, before it’s time to get back on the trailer again.


Top Catch carries the best range of perfect snapper baits: Bullet Tuna, Ballyhoo and Red Plate Pilchards.
On any trip out on the water you need to make sure you are safe. Loading a boat correctly and make sure not to overload as it can cause stability issues.
It’s of high importance to carry at least 2 forms of waterproof communication devices such as a VHF, a cellphone in waterproof bag or an approved distress beacon.

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