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Sn4 Ep13 Lottin Point Strikes

Milan and Nathan are landbased fishing from the legendary Lottin Point where the big kingfish are on patrol.

Milan hikes in to Lottin point while Nathan is sent off in the boat to secure some livebaits for a day’s landbased fishing on the legendary fishing spot.

Once all the gear is offloaded and the berley is soaked, there's not much of a wait. A massive kingfish falls desperately in love with Nathan’s livebait, and he finds himself battling a monster.
A few snapper gets caught as well and the boys head home tired after a great days fishing.

The following day Milan and Nathan go for a snapper fish in the boat off Cape Runnaway. Some big snapper sniff the berley trail and Milan secures a stunning 20lbs fish.

See you all next year for yet a new season of Big Angry Fish.


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