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Sn3 Ep8: Live-baiting into the Deep Unknown

Milan and Nathan find an uncharted rock, and within no time, the full drag is engaged... 

By mere luck, Milan and Nathan find an unchartered rock out in the middle of nowhere. The sounder suggests that the rock is loaded with fish, and what better way to investigate a new spot than to deploy a couple of live-baits down into the unknown?

Within no time, Milan finds himself on full drag fighting a huge fish and Nathan is soon to follow. Some huge kingfish starts coming over the side, including a very nice albacore tuna that is kept for dinner.

Gear Used

Always remind your crew of safe behaviour while at sea. All boats should carry a boat hook and throwing line, first aid kit, bailing system, navigation equipment, a waterproof torch, 2 forms of communication and lifejackets. Our boats are in Safe Ship Management, and we take risk management serious, the exact same risks as any recreational boatie is exposed to.

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