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Sn3 Ep6: Island Snapper and Smoking Kingfish

Milan and Nathan sets off to explore new fishing grounds around the Mercury Islands. A great straylining session for snapper makes the trip.

Milan and Nathan have never fished around the Mercury Islands off the East Coast, so they decide to load up the boat for an overnighter and head off to Whitianga to launch.

The underwater structures around the islands hold promise of good snapper hang outs, so Milan and Nathan stir up the quiet evening with a great straylining session for snapper.
After a cold night spent in the boat, Milan and Nathan wake up to a nasty weather system coming in. Decision is quickly made to seek shelter along the coast and live-bait for a nice kingfish for the Bradley Smoker on the way home.

Gear Used

It is of highest importance to carry at least two waterproof communication devices – either on your person or in a float-bag. These devices include a waterproof VHF radio or cellphone in a waterproof casing; an approved distress beacon either an EPIRB a personal locator beacon and always make sure your flares are on-board and not expired. Bring spare warm clothing in case of severe change in weather or in case you have to spend the night on the boat, one never knows what could happen at sea.

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