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Sn3 Ep5: Springtime Kingfish at Mayor Island

Milan and Nathan versus the temperamental springtime kingfish at Mayor Island.

Mayor Island off the New Zealand East Coast has a long history of Maori settlement and great fishing adventures.
Milan and Nathan are hunting down the big run of kingfish that is known to congregate the waters around Mayor Island during springtime. The fish are there and in great numbers, but they prove to be very hard to fool.

With a few gear adjustments and some trial and error, the fish start making fatal mistakes.

Gear Used

Remember to wear your Baltic Winner 150N life jacket. It’s a fact that most boaties die within 200m of the shore and are not wearing life jackets.

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#1 Tranner Dee 2015-04-03 13:38
I always wanted to be on mayor island i heard it was a great place to fish ,also very scienic i love the pahutahkawa flowers on the beaches. I watch your show gee those kings are huge around the Mayor Island.

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