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Sn3 Ep3: Fly Fishing for Snapper with FlyGuy

Milan and Nathan are having a go at saltwater fly fishing. They explore the mangroves with FlyGuy for a chance to sight cast to big snapper.

Milan and Nathan are launching their center console, Apple Core, in a remote estuary to go find some fishing action for the day. On their journey exploring the shallow water, they spot the famous FlyGuy who turns out to be filming an episode for his TV show “A FlyGuy Abroad”.

Flyguy is quickly convinced to teach Milan and Nathan the fine art of fly-casting, which they adapt with mixed success. Once setup with saltwater fly fishing gear, they all return to the mangroves to sight cast to big snapper.

Read FlyGuy's Beginner's Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing

Gear Used

When saltwater fly fishing the flats, we cast Airflow lines on Scott Radian fishing rods paired with Lamson Lite Speed reels.

Even in the shallow harbours, it is the skipper's responsibility to handing out life jackets to all passengers. When spending time on the water, you want a comfy life jacket, and there’s no better than the Baltic Winner 150N life jacket.

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