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Sn3 Ep2: Nathan goes Shark Fishing

Nathan sneaks off for a day of shark fishing, and before hitting the water he goes through all the details of rigging up for sharks.

Milan and Nathan are booked in for a long day of sponsorship meetings, but Nathan pulls a sickie to try out his new fishing reel.

Nathan sneaks off to test his new invention. Before hitting the water, he goes through all the details of rigging up for sharks.
Click here for more information on Nathan’s special shark rig. 

While Nathan is having a ball on the water and on the beach battling a huge shark, Milan is having a hard time convincing sponsors to support Big Angry Fish.

Gear Used

The braid used was Varivas 112lb but now a 120lb with a smaller diameter is available. Totally wicked stuff: Varivas Avani Casting SMP PE8

Remember to wear your Baltic Winner 150N lifejacket. It’s a fact that most boaties die within 200m of the shore and are not wearing life jackets.

Why We Filmed A Shark Fishing Episode

After the broadcasting of this episode, we have received some comments about handling of sharks.
Fact is that a lot of anglers in New Zealand and abroad are fishing for sharks. We have witnessed different ways of catching sharks and most of these ways cause unnecessary harm to the sharks.
This is the main reason why we felt it was important to show anglers in New Zealand and elsewhere, the absolute best way of fishing for, and releasing, sharks. We have ourselves caught sharks that turned up with big barbed hooks and wire traces hanging out of their mouths and this is something that has disturbed us immensely.

This episode was carefully scripted, filmed and edited with the main theme being to catch and release sharks with minimum harm done to them.
We can't change the fact that it's legal to fish for sharks, but we can hopefully change how anglers do catch and handle the sharks so they can swim away with minimum harm done. If you watch the show again and note how we talk about the practice of shark fishing, you will understand that we have a very clear message to all anglers fishing for sharks. That is: cause as little harm as possible, use barbless hooks, never leave hooks in sharks and release them safely.

Read more about shark fishing, and why the sharks play an important role in our eco system.

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