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Sn3 Ep13: Defeated by the Harbour Monsters

After spotting some huge kingfish feeding on a school of big mullet in a small estuary, Milan and Nathan hatch a cunning plan.

Milan has seen some huge kingfish in a small estuary feeding on a school of big mullet. Milan and Nathan hatch a cunning plan, but it turns out to take time and skill to execute it.

Once the precious mullet live-baits have been secured, it’s down to a waiting game. Sooner or later the big kingfish may launch their attack and it’s about being ready for it.

Some kingfish finally show up and the fishing turns into complete chaos. To calm the nerves, the evening is spent with some stress free snapper fishing session after the hectic morning’s fishing.

Gear Used

Manson Boss anchors keep us connected once deployed.

Remember to wear your Baltic Winner 150N life jacket. It’s a fact that most boaties die within 200m of the shore and are not wearing life jackets.

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#1 Mick Wilson 2014-11-01 23:31
Man I hang for your show every arvo! Love watching you guys pull so freaking hard on them big angry fish!! Best fishing show going!! Keep up the good work lads!!

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