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Sn3 Ep11: Coromandel Kayak Fishing

Milan and Nathan pick up their new kayaks and head off to try out the stealthy kayak approach on some Coromandel snapper and kingfish.

Kayak fishing is extremely popular in New Zealand and for good reasons. Cheap and easy, and it takes you into places you would struggle to go with a boat. Milan and Nathan pick up their new Viking Kayaks and head off to Coromandel to try out the stealthy kayak approach on some snapper and kingfish.

During the episode, Milan and Nathan demonstrate how to rig up, stay safe and hit some neat fish while out on the kayak.

Gear Used

Fast, stable, and easy to manage on and off the water, the Viking Kayak's Profish Reloadis the kayak of choice for anglers seeking touring endurance combined with the stability to land record class fish! For all your kayak needs contact Stephen at Viking Kayaks, and he can give you brilliant kayak fishing advice and sort you out with the best Viking Kayak for your needs.

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#1 Tranner Dee 2014-11-27 21:08
I was interested in your viking kyack segment this has interested me in buying one.Was watching your new show in Australia Milan i was the same as you every time i caught a fair size fish my knot came undone ,Nathan take it easy with Milan.Cheeres Tranner Dee.

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