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Season 3

The third season of PlaceMakers Big Angry Fish was broadcasted on TV3 in 2014-2015.

Sn3 Ep13: Defeated by the Harbour Monsters

After spotting some huge kingfish feeding on a school of big mullet in a small estuary, Milan and Nathan hatch a cunning plan.

Sn3 Ep12: Big Angry Snapper Method Revealed

At Cavelli Islands, a new way of snapper fishing turns out to be amazing, even though some of the fish win the battle big time. 

Sn3 Ep11: Coromandel Kayak Fishing

Milan and Nathan pick up their new kayaks and head off to try out the stealthy kayak approach on some Coromandel snapper and kingfish.

Sn3 Ep10: Anything but Kingfish at White Island

At White Island, Milan and Nathan experience some line ripping huge trevally and with the new electric reel, the hapukas are in trouble.

Sn3 Ep9: In the Hauraki Gulf carrying Secret Snapper Weapons

Nathan has invented a secret snapper weapon and is keen to put it to the test on a sunrise fish in the middle of the Hauraki Gulf.

Sn3 Ep8: Live-baiting into the Deep Unknown

Milan and Nathan find an uncharted rock, and within no time, the full drag is engaged... 

Sn3 Ep7: Surface Action at Channel Islands

The day brings hectic stickbaiting sessions, surface feeding kingfish and double hookups until Milan spots an enormous shark. 

Sn3 Ep6: Island Snapper and Smoking Kingfish

Milan and Nathan sets off to explore new fishing grounds around the Mercury Islands. A great straylining session for snapper makes the trip.

Sn3 Ep5: Springtime Kingfish at Mayor Island

Milan and Nathan versus the temperamental springtime kingfish at Mayor Island.

Sn3 Ep4: Hayden Paddon meets Big Angry Fish

Milan and Nathan take WRC rally driver Hayden Paddon for his first-ever fishing trip. Both the fish and Hayden are up for a lesson. 

Sn3 Ep3: Fly Fishing for Snapper with FlyGuy

Milan and Nathan are having a go at saltwater fly fishing. They explore the mangroves with FlyGuy for a chance to sight cast to big snapper.

Sn3 Ep2: Nathan goes Shark Fishing

Nathan sneaks off for a day of shark fishing, and before hitting the water he goes through all the details of rigging up for sharks.

Sn3 Ep1: Secret Harbour Kingfish Spots

Inspired by a new fishing show on TV, Milan and Nathan set off to try out FlyGuy’s shallow water kingfish spots in Tauranga Harbour.

Season 3 Overview

Here's a brief overview of all Season 3 episodes coming up on TV3 on Sunday 5.30pm (the 1-hour episodes at 5pm). Enjoy!

[video] Season 3 trailer

We're back on TV3 with repeats of Season 3 starting 8th March 2015 at 1.30pm. Epic fishing, awesome footage and big angry fish. Watch it here

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