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Sn2 Ep8: Panamaniacs

Our adventure starts on a shaky flight from Panama to Coiba Island where we're targeting cubera snapper, roosterfish and big yellowfin tuna.

We are in Panama in search of big reef fish and also a blue-water mission. First we have a little look around Panama City and also a stop at the Panama Canal. Our real adventure starts on a a small fixed wing aircraft that takes us for a shaky flight to Coiba Island on the pacific side of Panama. Here we are greeted by our skipper & host, 40 degrees heat and massive humidity. From this little island in the middle of nowhere, populated mainly by exotic wildlife, we'll spend 3 days targeting cubera snapper, roosterfish and big yellowfin tuna.

Things Good to Know

When traveling to remote overseas locations, ask your skipper for a safety briefing and always make sure you know how to call for help, just like you need to know here in New Zealand. Here we contact the police on 111 or channel 16 on your VHF, if you find yourself in trouble. Mount your EPIRP in a safe location where it can be monitored at all times as a lot of accidental activations happens.
Think of the safety on board and potential hazards. It's not mandatory for recreational users to have the boat built to survey, but it doesn't hurt to have a think about how you can improve your boat to make it even safer.

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