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Sn2 Ep6: Marlin Virgins

The marlin virgins out at sea experience what big game fishermen can only dream about: huge packs of striped marlin feeding like crazy!

John Beveridge (at that time CEO of PlaceMakers and remembered from Season 1 Episode 7) has asked the boys to go marlin fishing which is received with a bit of a skeptical mindset from both Milan and Nathan. None of them have ever been big game fishing before, and the distanca to the coast could mean getting closer to being sea-sick!

John gets it his way and what meets the marlin virgins out at sea is what big game fishermen can only dream about: Packs of striped marlin are feeding like crazy around the boat and it looks like it will be a piece of cake to catch one. Nevertheless, the boys are taught a lesson in how hard it is to keep the marlin on the hook, but in the 6th attempt it's finally success.

After the hectic game fishing the boys decide to have a quiet snapper fish before waving good-bye to John.

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