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Sn2 Ep4: Knee Deep

Never before has big snapper been caught in waters this shallow!

This episode takes us up to The Far North where we have a look around in the shallows of the harbour for snapper, kingfish and trevally. The boys are amazed of what lives up in knee-deep water and with a quiet approach, even old weary fish can be fooled into feeding on well-presented baits. Never before have big snapper been caught in waters that shallow, nicely presented by Milan stepping out of the boat in 30cm of water, walking up and netting Nathan’s big snapper. 

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#1 Tranner Dee 2015-03-31 21:57
Milin i'm a avid mangrove fisher since i have been watching your show i have been considering to buy a fly rod as this maybe the best way to fish the mangrove the east coast of australia there are fish to catch in the mangroves, i hope sa is the same i think it maybe better as there maybe more food in the mangroves on the in coming tide.

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